Hell’s Abyss: Five Adult Elephants Die In Effort To Save Calf

Elephants are remarkably intelligent and communal animals. They often exhibit the same attachments as humans to members of their herd. That attachment led to tragedy this week when most of a herd died in Thailand while trying to rescue a calf at a waterfall. This terrible loss should educate people about these animals and the savagery of hunting them. I have repeatedly denounced  killing giant elephants and other forms of trophy hunting. From the killing of Voortrekker (“Pioneer”) to countless other elephants, these magnificent animals are being killed for the vanity and thrill kill of wealthy hunters.

The three-year-old calf fell in at the Haew Narok Waterfall, also known as “Hell’s Abyss.” According to Thai Public Broadcasting Service, five adult elephant rushed to save the calf only to drown in the attempted rescue. Only two elephants remain alive. There is a great concern over the future of those elephants. These animals are known to grieve such losses deeply and that grief can reduce the chances for survivors.

The tragedy in Khao Yai National Park would not be in vain if people would see the nobility of these animals and rally against trophy hunting of elephants and other animals.

Hell’s Abyss: Five Adult Elephants Die In Effort To Save Calf published first on http://immigrationlawyerfirm.tumblr.com/


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