Oregon Woman Slashes Throat Of Man At Taco Bell . . . Receives Only Seven Years

Oregon seems to have a rather generous criminal code. Caley Mason, 22, tried to murder a man by slitting his throat at a Taco Bill. She then fled the scene and left 48-year-old Jason Luczkow to die with an 8-inch gash across his face and throat. He survived with the help of 100 stitches. Her boyfriend was also arrested. Mason however was given just seven years after pleading guilty to second-degree assault. I fail to see the justice in that sentence for the victim.

Mason was apparently upset that her ranting at the staff was interrupted by Luczkow who told her to “zip it.” Mason, wearing a yellow wig, was yelling at the staff for taking too long. After Luczkow intervened, Mason left and then returned with a knife to try to kill him. She then sped off in a silver Kia Soul with her boyfriend and two young children – ages 2 and 4 – in the car.

Her boyfriend, Phillip Thomas, was arrested for tampering with physical evidence. Mason’s wig was found by police down his pants.

At the time of the attack, she was under state supervision for an armed robbery in Maryland. She was originally charged with attempted murder, first-degree assault and unlawful use of a weapon. Yet, the prosecutors agreed to a seven-year sentence in an attack that could have easily taken the life of this man.

Do you think seven years is an adequate sentence for such a crime?

Oregon Woman Slashes Throat Of Man At Taco Bell … Receives Only Seven Years published first on http://immigrationlawyerfirm.tumblr.com/


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